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Create a Professional Logo for Free

I've always loved designing and coming up with logos. I'm an introvert, so it's often easy for me to work by myself in the quiet of my home studio. Graphic design has been a hobby of mine for years now, but I realize that not everyone enjoys this process. I'm going to show you an easy and free way to create a logo for people like you, who are looking for a professional logo design without the hefty price tag. There's no need to pay someone this early in your blogging career.

Consistency in your branding

The first thing that I want to talk about is consistency in your blog. That's what branding is. It's helping people to have the same experience every single time they come into contact with you. And how you do that is through having consistency throughout your brand, not just your blog, but your social media, the videos that you do, anything that you're putting out there, your website, all of it has consistency.

You create consistency by using the same fonts and same colors. And you create consistency by using your logo consistently as well.

Branding is important because it's going to help people identify you. They're looking through tons and tons of social media all the time. How do they know what belongs to you? They're looking at different websites. Maybe there are 12 people named Sarah who talk about marketing. There's probably a lot more! There's probably more like 12,000. How do they know which one is me? How do you know?

You know which one is me based on my logo. Maybe my logo isn't on every single post, but you see that same color of purple that I use everywhere. And as soon as you see that you go, “Oh, I know that's associated with that Sarah that I like. I'm gonna go check that out and see if it's her!”

It also helps your audience get to know you.

Tone of voice in fonts

When you’re creating your logo, make sure you pic a font that communicates the tone of voice that you want for your business. There's a special tone of voice in each one of the different fonts that you see. It can be something that's fun and playful, or it can be something that's professional, or it can be something really clean and modern. It depends on which font that you pick. But it will help your audience get to know you.

It'll also help you attract the right kind of audience. So, if you're using colors and fonts that are girly, like my colors, they're kind of girly, I use purple, I use pink in some of my colors. That's really pretty girly. And that says to me and to the people who are looking at my content that I cater to women. If you're using a bright color, like a black and a gold, that might communicate something more like prestige, and wealth.

There's a lot of there's a huge science behind the meaning of different colors. But a lot of it just comes up with how you're using it, and how you're combining the colors together.

I know this sounds kind of complicated, but I promise you it's not. I'm going to show you some really, really easy ways to figure all of this out. And to do it really quickly.

Having the right branding is going to answer a lot of questions for you. When you go to make your website, if you haven't already, and when you go to make graphics for your Instagram or for slides that you're going to share, a lot of questions are going to come up, like what font should I use? and What color should the graphics be? and What color should my logo be?

A lot of these questions where if you don't already have that figured out, you're going to have to stop and decide what this one slide show should look like. Eventually, you're gonna end up with like 12 different colors for everything. And you might end up with 12 different fonts on one page. I really don't want that for you! Trust me, it's very confusing and overwhelming.

We're going to answer all these questions right now. So, one of the first questions that I want you to answer is: how do you want your audience to feel?

Branding is going to give your audience a feeling when they see you. In the previous chapter, we spoke about Apple products, and how all of their designs are very clean, modern and straightforward. That gives you a feeling, right?

The way that Apple brands their products gives you a feeling. It's not just about using an iPhone, it's about a state of being. It's about a certain kind of person, right? That's what you're looking for, that specific feeling.

You want your branding to invoke a feeling. And you have to decide what feeling that is. Do you want the feeling to be empowering? Do you want it to be friendly? Do you want it to be carefree? Do you want it to be something that's more open or accepting?

That's something you need to spend some time thinking about.

I really encourage you to go back to your description of your ideal customer. And also go back to your purpose, when we talked about your one word. Both of those exercises are going to help you answer a lot of these questions.

I want to give you some examples of some different fonts.

Mod 4 -2 Logo5

The top font, the one that says modern, that's one that I use quite a bit. It's very clean and pretty skinny, and it really just gives you a modern feel. It’s a very common font that you see used a lot these days.

The second one is a handwritten font. And to me, it seemed really friendly.

The third one is one that I use in my new logo. To me, it's very trendy. You see it a lot on Pinterest, you see it a lot more now than what you used to.

You have to be careful with some of these because they're kind of hard to read. So, when you're picking a font, especially for your logo, make sure that it's readable. And this one is borderline unreadable. It really just depends. There are two different versions of that one. I picked the one that was most readable for my logo.

The next one is another one that's handwritten. And to me, it looks really fun.

And then the last one is very professional. This font is actually what they use in books that get printed. So, it's very professional.

Another term that you're going to hear is serif and san serif. The font on the bottom is serif. Because it has these little extra lines on it. The top one that's modern is sans serif, so it doesn't have those on it. Now, if you look at the top font, the one that says font on the very top of the page in purple, that one is also serif because it has that extra those extra lines on it. But that's another one of the fonts that I picked, that I feel like is more playful, which is why I picked it.

I really encourage you to pick two different fonts. And stick with just two, any more than two is going to put you in a world of hurt. More than 2 will confuse your customers and will overwhelm them. I encourage you to pick one that's fun and then also one that's more modern, or classic, that's really easy to read.

Mod 4 -2 Logo6

If you look at my logo, you'll see that I use the font that's fun that I spoke about. And then I used one that's very easy to read at the bottom.

You can find a list of fonts to consider on Microsoft Word or at Google Fonts ( Make sure that you’re selecting fonts that are generally common, especially if you don’t know how to download fonts and load them on your computer.


The next thing I want to talk about is colors. And I want to ask you again, how do you want your audience to feel? Certain colors evoke certain feelings. Maybe you want something that is healthy, right? Green colors evoke healthy feelings. They also evoke feelings of money. Blue colors are usually more calming, with yellow and red colors being more exciting.

There's a whole science into colors. You can get into it if you want to, or I'll show you how I picked my colors. I started with what was my favorite color: purple.

You think, “okay, I have a color, it's purple. But what shade of purple because there are like a million different shades of purple!”

I'm going to show you right now exactly how I picked it. I have a board on Pinterest. This is my Pinterest page. I have a board here that's called pick a color for your brand.

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 3.18.53 PM

This is exactly how I found my color. You'll see all different kinds of colors here. This one is very close to my color. It's not that one.

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 3.20.18 PM

I don't know that I have my specific color on here. But I know that it's I know that it's a Magnolia color. I absolutely love Joanna Gaines, so you'll notice that all of my colors tend towards Magnolia Home paint colors because I love those colors. A lot of the stuff that I've pinned it comes from Magnolia Homes by Joanna Gaines.

If you just go to Pinterest on the homepage and you type in colors on the search bar, you'll see a lot of these type of things come up where they have a whole palette of colors together for you.

You need to pick three colors. One is the primary color that you're going to use the most. You need two secondary colors which are complementary colors, colors that look good with the primary color and that look good together. Using Pinterest is a great way to pick those colors where they all fit together. You don't have to worry about the science of colors. You don't have to look at a color wheel or ask somebody who's a professional graphic designer to pick complimentary colors. All you need is three colors that look good together.

Color Inspirations by Mehdi on Instagram_ “Dopely Colors #268 Color Palette 86C8CD • 6DB2C8 • 40698E • 415771 • B4A0AC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #colorscheme…”

And like I said, this is a great way you can pick. If you like blue, you could pick this darker or the lighter shade of blue with a great complementary color, that is the green. And then you can use the purple as well. Three colors done for you right there.

Once you find the colors you love, how do you know what the numbers for those colors are? How do you find those specific color sades? It's very, very simple.

When you’re in Pinterest, click on the image of the pics you like.

Then, click on these three buttons to the right of the image and select download image.

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 3.29.49 PM

We go over here, we have this image here, right.

Then we’re going to use a free program called Adobe Spark. If you don't use this yet, you should! You can use it for free. I create all of my graphics in Spark and I love it. It’s really easy to use too.

This is what Spark looks like here:


To find your color, you create a new post, whatever size you want. Then you add the image that you downloaded from Pinterest, with your color on it. Upload the image and then add some text, because we need something to change the color of. I suggest you use your brand name.


Then go over to color, on the right side menu. And where it says current color, you’ll see it has three little lines. When you hover over it, it says change color. Click on that, and then you click on the little eyedropper at the bottom. It will change your mouse to pick the colors for you. All you have to do is click on the color you want and it will change your text to that color.

Now you have the color and it will give you the hex number. Hex is a technical term for web colors. As long as you have that number, you will always know what your specific color is. You can use Google to translate that number to CMYK or RGB if you need to. If you don’t know what those acronyms mean, it’s totally fine! You really don’t need them. You can save your color in Spark, so you don’t need the numbers at all.

Saving your brand colors may be a premium feature of Spark, so you may have to pay for it. But it's only about $10 a month. And I use it so much, my whole life lives here. Between this and Google Drive, I don't think I could operate my business without both of them.

If you don't have if you don't want to pay for it, I completely understand that. You can always just save these hex colors somewhere so you have them handy. I love to use Google Keep, which is a free app for notes. You can use those and just copy and paste them when you need a different one.

Just to recap, make sure that you pick your brand fonts, a primary and a secondary. I also encourage you to pick one primary color and two secondary colors for your brand.

Design your logo

Now you’re going to design your logo. You're not going to hire a graphic designer. You're not going to make it complicated. It's going to be super simple. Remember, you can always do something more elaborate in the future. For now, having it done is better than fussing over it and stalling on getting your blog started.

In a couple of minutes, it's going to be done. Use the font or fonts that you chose. Don't use more than two. Don't ever use more than two. Don't ever use more than two on one page, for any reason at all. Anything more than two makes you look unprofessional.

Use the primary color that you picked, and possibly one other color. Again, don't use more than two. And you can design your logo very easily in Adobe Spark or if you're more comfortable with Canva, you can use Canva as well.

Here are some examples of my logos that I have created in Adobe Spark:

INFJ Woman Logo
My Post Copy
INFJ Woman Logo222-01
My Post
Sarah Kuhn INFJ Woman Logo
Blog School Logo

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